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Building powerful talismans in tattoo work

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

tal·is·man /ˈtaləsmən,ˈtalizmən/

noun noun: talisman; plural noun: talismans an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. "those rings, so fresh and gleaming, were their talismans"synonyms:lucky charm, charm, fetish, amulet, mascot, totem, idol, juju, phylactery; archaicperiapt a person regarded as representing and inspiring a particular group. "he's a quiet man off the field, but on it he's our talisman"

In todays world, we are constantly bombarded by imagery and inspiration in tattooing. pinterest and instagram have changed the way we go about finding that special something to express ourselves. Throughout history, tattooing has been the embodiment of magic, to mark ourselves with significance. How do you find that special talisman for todays word? How do you find that image to create magic and power for that certain feeling you want to convey to yourself and the world? The answer... you work with an artist.

Over the last 16 years i've been developing a skillset to transcribe thought, emotion and evocation into two dimensional imagery for clients. Tattooing can be a simple adornment, choosing images to compliment the human form and make an individual feel beautiful; or tattooing can be an intimate and deep pendant to remind one of a powerful moment, feeling, person, place in their lives. Tattooing is just as different as every person walking down the street.

I constantly get asked the question: "what is your style?" To this i have a complex response: My style is what makes my clients happy. Tattooing is collaboration. Even the most self described uncreative individual has a universe of creativity under the surface. This is human nature, we are all magic. Our creativite ability to communicate and build, sets us apart from every other living creature on earth; in addition to our desire and need for individual expression.

Finding your talisman is the ultimate goal for myself as an artist. Adornment can be simple and beautiful, with little to no meaning, just beautiful images that compliment form; however tattooing is a life altering change to your appearance and should bear serious consideration. This change for some, can finally give pride in one's body to show off something that once made an individual self conscious.

My fine art and original designs are based on magic. I draw from occult imagery in human history. Tattooing is sorcery, human history has taught us this. ask me how i can help you find the next evolution and transformation of yourself?

-Your friendly tattoo artist, Hannah

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