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Booking closed until 6/15/21

Please sign up for my mailing list on my home page, I will be accepting new projects 6/15/21. I will begin to be much more selective who I work with moving into 2021-2022. Priority will go to large scale projects. My hourly rate will remain at $300/hr; however i will no longer be offering day rates. If you would like to work with me in the future, please be financially prepared to spend between $3,000-15,000 on large projects. I will also be limiting the amount of cover-ups I take on in the future.

Why am I changing my project load and subject matter? In 2020 I was diagnosed with a life altering autoimmune disease. This illness has limited my energy and helped me realize that, even though i work in a service industry, I need to select projects which bring me joy, and afford me the opportunity to create my own fine art as well as take breaks for rest/recovery.

I apologize if I cannot take your project moving into later 2021. Please know it is never anything personal, after 18 years tattooing it is important that I take better care of my body in order to continue living a healthy life.

Please follow our burgeoning apprentices on and , they will be taking on smaller projects at affordable prices as they carve out their style and clientele in this industry.

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