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Terms of Service

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Consultations are $200 in California which include up to 3hours of drawing time with myself over the course of 2 appointments. If the full time from consult is not used, the fee will be credited toward the tattoo.

California: I charge $300/hr with a $600 minimum. Typically i am booked 3-6 months in advance (weekends are always in higher demand so book early).

Please make sure you send a detailed description of what you want: size, placement…etc along with photos of any current tattoos in the area on your body which will need to be covered or worked around and/or reference of what you would like done. when hiring myself for a project you are hiring an artist to fulfill an artistic endeavor; you are hiring my experience to take on a project and make the appropriate decisions to make your artwork beautiful and well crafted. If you are willing to write me an e-mail based on my portfolio, you should be prepared to trust my expertise and artistry and be ready for me to take some creative freedom (with you, the client, in mind the entire time). Projects are a collaboration. For those traveling long distances (or when i am on tour) consultations can be done through zoom. For simpler/smaller projects e-mail correspondence is typically adequate and no consultation is required. Please let me know what your schedule is typically like.

I will only book tattoo appointments after i have received a deposit. So the longer you wait to put down a deposit the longer you will wait for an appointment. A deposit applies toward the final session on tattoo work. A deposit is non-transferable between clients or projects and non-refundable. All reschedules require 7 day notice or deposit is forfeit unless in emergency circumstances. For larger multiple session tattoos a $600-800 deposit (and case specific drawing fee in addition to all other costs) is required and for smaller one day projects a $200 deposit is required.  deposits apply toward your final session.  If you decide not to get the tattoo, I keep your deposit as a drawing fee. For large, multiple session tattoos, i will typically book most of your appointments at once so you do not have to wait months in-between getting tattooed.

Please follow my instagram for updates on booking/scheduling and last minute availability if i have cancellations @tattoosbyhannah. I do not send sketches or finalized designs through e-mail unless i specify otherwise. This is up to my discretion so please don’t ask. If i do send a sketch or photoshop mock-up, it will very rarely be more than one week before a scheduled appointment. The longer clients have to look at designs, the more often they change their mind when they wouldn’t have otherwise .  All clients will meet with me 1-2 weeks before their first appointment to see a sketch and further go over the design. Often, the day of the appointment when clients come in minor necessary changes are made. I look forward to working with you, -Hannah

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